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Engagement options for all businesses

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Engagement Options


Hourly rate + GST

This option is ideal if you have a one-off task or need to solve a one-off HR problem.

We can perform any HR service under this engagement option from our Operations or Performance/ Transformation service offering.

Examples include:

  • HR best practice audit
  • Job description review/update
  • Developing an engagement strategy
  • Reducing absenteeism strategy
  • Executing a redundancy
  • Mediation session
  • Implementing HRIS
  • Managing an unfair dismissal claim
  • Conducting an investigation
  • Running recruitment campaign
  • Developing a suite of HR policies and procedures.

On-Going Retainer

Discounted hourly rate + GST

This suits you if you expect to need regular and ongoing HR support for at least 8 weeks or more.

Our retainer options start from as little as 4-hours per week. Under the retainer option, we integrate into your business and we aim to feel like we’re one of your team members. We carry the HR load just like a direct employee would.

Examples include:

  • Partnering/ leading your existing in-house HR team to support their efforts.
  • Acting in the HR Manager role on an ongoing basis
  • Acting as your in-house HR on a temporary basis, then back-filling and handing over the role to your permanent HR employee

HR Documents

Starting @ $49 + GST

We have an extensive library of HR documents ready for you to use as a DIY solution in your business.

You purchase our generic document and you then customise it yourself to suit your business. If you need help, we can customise it for you under our Short-Term engagement option.

Example documents include:

  • Individual HR Policies
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment agreements
  • Individual Flexibility Agreement
  • Employee Letters

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