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Do your HR documents sufficiently deliver on your legal obligations and reflect your business practices?

Are they simplifying your business and helping you to work smarter, not harder?

Our best-practice frameworks give you the structure you need to run your HR services independently: templates, polices and procedures, company videos.

The iQhr framework can help you run your business more efficiently because once the correct parameters are in place, all you need to do it is follow them.

Our frameworks can help you run your business more efficiently because once the correct parameters are in place, all you need to do it is follow them.

The iQhr Library includes:


A base line policy for all businesses. Defines your corporate identity, what your employer priorities are as well as what behaviour you expect from your employees.

A big policy under the Fair Work microscope. Show your duty of care with this policy and use it to teach your workforce appropriate behaviour.

This policy informs your workforce about what you will and won’t tolerate in the workplace, and how you will deal with issues should they arise. An important policy for all workplaces.

This policy encourages employee complaints to stay in-house rather than to an outside third party such as a lawyer, union member or Fair Work.

Process Kits:

Our Process Kit contains a handbook and all the forms your need to to scope a position, define key selection criteria, advertise, shortlist, interview and select a preferred candidate.

Our Process Kit provides an SOP and all the forms and contracts you need to set up a new starter on your payroll.

Our Process Kit contains an instructional handbook and all the forms you need so you can set up and run your own Performance Management system.

This Process Kit contains an instructional handbook about how complaints and discipline must be managed in the workplace. It also contains various letter templates for you to use.

A minefield for any employer! This Process Kit contains an SOP which shows you in plain language what your employer obligations are, and the do’s and don’ts of managing claims.


The latest employment contacts for a range of industries and occupations, ranging from senior executive to manufacturing, retail, casual work and short-term contracts and more.

Confused about what to write? We have first, second and final warning templates as well as termination letters.

A special contract for those instances where you need to deviate from the award by mutual agreement.

These can be tricky situations especially if the employee is covered by a protected condition. We have the right wording for your situation.

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