Human Resources Consultancy Services & Resources to business across Australia.

Smart, straight-forward, compliant Human Resources solutions that work.

HR Solutions

iQhr can identify and deliver on your Human Resources needs to simplify your workplace processes, unify your workforce and propel your business forward.

If you’re in a bottle neck and drowning in paperwork, or can’t seem to get your team on the same page, or you need a complete overhaul of your company structure, we can help you realise your vision.

iQ HR give you HR piece of mind

HR Operations

We help you manage and improve every facet of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and on-boarding to managing performance, exit and off-boarding.

Performance & Transformation

We help you achieve your business goals through the clever use of transformational HR strategies, aligned with your organisational strategy and your operating environment.

How it Works

We tailor our HR services to your needs; we have several engagement structures in place and can fit seamlessly into your organisation.



Client Focused

High Intergrity

Why Choose iQhr

iQhr is a boutique human resources consulting company which primarily services the Sydney & Central Coast region. Being a small agency means we dedicate all our time and focus on your situation, without red tape and conflicting priorities.

iQhr = smarter. better. faster

Small business can often go without Human Resources, but there are times when things get tricky, and you need expert help.

Problems at work can be distracting, stressful, and confusing to solve on your own; and getting it wrong can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake.

Our Mission. To help people and organisations to resolve difficulties at work and reach the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Our Vision. For iQhr to become a trusted partner to all people who need help, regardless of seniority, industry or occupation.

Our Values.

Say it how it is: we’re straightforward, direct, we get to the point. We leave out the jargon and fluff.
A balance of heart and mind: smart outcomes don’t have to come at the expense of being kind and treating people with respect. We work to achieve both.
Trust Us: our work is good, it’s delivered on time. We keep our promises and we won’t let you down.

Ready? We are here to help.